How Kraft Heinz Exceeded Holiday Sales Goals With BIGtoken’s Opt-in Panels & Offers

With SRAX’s (Nasdaq: SRAX) BIGtoken platform, Kraft Heinz activated BIGtoken’s opt in panels and offers to drive a 6:1 return on ad spend and a 4.5% incremental sales lift during the 2019 holiday season.

“BIGtoken’s ability to identify incremental groups of buyers through their platform insights, first-party data, and then create audiences to target is something that stood out to us in a cluttered marketplace. It’s important for Kraft Heinz to address data accuracy, consumer privacy, and emphasize first-party data in this new environment and BIGtoken does all of that. We are thrilled with the results we saw with SRAX’s BIGtoken platform.”

– TJ Palladino, Walmart Shopper Marketing Manager, Kraft Heinz.

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In this case study, you will learn how BIGtoken’s opt-in panels and offers can:

Provide high-value consumer insights that fuel audience targeting and messaging

Transform your media campaigns by optimizing against those same audience insights

Drive incremental return on ad spend and sales lift for any product or service